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Parental involvement

As a non-profit collaborative daycare, we are a community. YDC offers parents the unique opportunity to share in the everyday decision making and running of the facility. We hope that parents will seek opportunities to volunteer their time, energy and skills to improve and maintain the quality of care enjoyed at YDC.

Annual Halloween Party

Board of directors

Our Board of Directors is comprised entirely of parents and meets on a monthly basis (with some exceptions) throughout the year. At least one parent/guardian of each child is required to attend 60% of the monthly meetings, including three mandatory meetings each year, as well as to serve on a committee (Maintenance, Fundraising, Enrichment. etc.) throughout their child’s enrollment.

Fundraising efforts

All parents are expected to participate in fundraising initiatives. For the families that are not as active in other capacities (committees, etc.), these events are a way to contribute in a fun and valuable way. Maintaining and improving the quality of care enjoyed at YDC is critically based on parent involvement.

Annual Halloween Party

Our main fundraiser each year is a booth at the Yarmouth Clam Festival, where each family volunteers a few hours during the festival to staff the YDC booth. This additional fundraising revenue is used for new programming, equipment and many other areas of enrichment. Other smaller fundraising initiatives are also ongoing throughout the year. Ideas for additional fundraising avenues are always appreciated.