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Testimonial 1

Finding the right day care can be a stressful and complicated process. Our family feels incredibly lucky to have found Yarmouth Day Care (“YDC”) and we can’t imagine sending our children anywhere else. The caregivers and other families of Yarmouth Day Care have become a second family to us. The Co-op structure helps keep costs reasonable but more importantly it ensures that all of the parents establish close ties to the organization and everyone truly enjoys chipping in and helping out. The small enrollment size and low child to caregiver ratio, creates an incredibly nurturing environment where our kids can explore and be immersed in a wide range of creative activities. Building with blocks, dress-up play, cooking food, splashing in puddles, riding toys, creating sandcastles, and works of art are just a few things my son has raved about in his days at YDC. Most importantly, I know that my children are safe and truly loved by the care providers who are second to none; I am reminded of this as every day when I arrive to pick up my kids only to be told that “they aren’t ready to leave yet”. As the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child; we have a wonderful, supportive “village” in Yarmouth Day Care.

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